Your Votes Were Bought and Paid For

Dark Money is alive and well in Montana and if you don’t believe that, you may be smoking the stuff they strong-armed our citizens to legalize. The North Fund, an out of state organization registered as an Incidental Political Committee and currently under investigation by the Commissioner of Political Practices (COPP), is directly tied to registered ballot issue committee New Approach Montana (NAM) to the tune of over five million dollars.

Here are some interesting facts about the North Fund:

  • The North Fund, an organization who’s operatives are alleged to have ties to the DNC, has no relevant ties to the State of Montana aside from the funds they dumped into NAM’s ballot propaganda coffers. Their office is listed at a Washington DC address and none of their corporate officers reside in, or have ties to, the state of Montana.
  • They are stonewalling requests and demands for public information from the COPP including, and most importantly, how its income is sourced or generated. They funded the promotion of ballot issue I-190, but refuse to identify who provided said funding and the premise for their intentions to do so.
  • Other recipients of financial donations from the North Fund include Abortion Access for All whose primary initiative was opposition to the ban on 22-week abortions.

So why does a fund decide to pour money into an initiative to legalize marijuana in a state in which they have no ties? It’s called greed. Legalized marijuana is big business and those who benefit most are commercial producers who grow their bank accounts along with their product. And if you think they care one iota about the devastation that legalized recreational marijuana causes, think again.

The North Fund made an investment in Montana. Investors are looking for one thing, a return on their money. Remember that when you make a purchase of legalized, recreational cannabis. You will be making the rich richer – out-of-state rich people who care nothing about our state. Talk about watching your hard-earned money go up in smoke.