Billings Local Launches "Wrong for Montana" Campaign Against Recreational Marijuana

"Wrong for Montana" Campaign Against Recreational Marijuana Billings car dealer Stephen Zabawa has officially launched a campaign called "Wrong for Montana" to fight against I-190, which pushes for the legalization of the sale and possession of recreational marijuana by adults in Montana, and CI-118, which would set the minimum age to legally purchase and consume marijuana at 21.

Familiar face leads new charge against recreational pot measure

Opposition to a recreational cannabis campaign cropped up for the first time this week, less than eight weeks from the general election, headed up by a familiar face with a new brand. It started with a video posted online Tuesday from the Montana Contractors Association, in which CEO David Smith lays out the group's opposition to marijuana legalization: workplace safety and a good labor supply.

'Wrong for Montana' Opposes Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

A grassroots organization called ' Wrong for Montana' has come out as being opposed to I-190, the initiative on the general election ballot that would legalize and tax the sale of recreational marijuana. Organizer Steve Zabawa spoke to KGVO just moments before a press conference in Billings and gave his view of the pro-marijuana movement.

Anti-marijuana group files dark money complaint | Montana Free Press

An anti-marijuana activist filed a complaint Thursday with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices demanding that a group called North Fund - which has given nearly $5 million to recreational marijuana initiative promoter New Approach Montana - be required to disclose its donors.

Pair of measures would legalize marijuana in Montana

Marijuana is back on the ballot - the third time in the last five election cycles - but this year Montanans will decide for the first time whether to follow other states like Colorado and Washington in legalizing use for all adults. The issue comes in the form of complementary ballot initiatives I-190 and CI-118.