Will 2021 be the Year to Rectify the Wrong?

When voters passed ballot issue I-190 with 57% percent of the vote, many were moved by the promises of tax revenue windfalls that would benefit organizations close to their heart. Who would be opposed to funding for veterans, natural resources like fish and wildlife, and senior citizens?

You might want to pull back that hunk of wool that was pulled over your eyes. New Approach Montana misled the voters by stating who would benefit from the influx of tax revenue imposed on the sale of legalized recreational marijuana.

According to NAM (whose efforts were funded by out-of-state money):

“The revenue will be used to fund services to Montana veterans and surviving spouses and dependents; programs to increase access to public lands and provide improvements for parks and trails; state grants for substance abuse treatment and prevention; and community and home health care services for elderly and disabled Montanans. A portion of the revenue will also be allocated to local governments that allow marijuana sales.”

This was the promise made and the rhetoric used to sway Montana voters on ballot issue I-190. It may have been the caveat that tipped the voting scales because even voters who have no interest in purchasing or smoking marijuana might still have been inclined to reap tax revenue that could help so many. The problem was NAM had no legal authority to state where that tax revenue would be distributed. Revenue allocation falls under the authority of state legislators.

Basically, the dark money advertising that pressed voters into thinking they would reap a windfall was so dark, it blind-sided those who may not have dug deep enough to find the real story.

Wrong for Montana would like to hear what you have to say now that you know the truth.  By participating in the poll, you can set your record straight and be a part of the initiative to Repeal I-190.

The truth will always come out and it will always set us free.