Was Montana Hit With It’s Own Form of Voter Fraud on I-190?
Emerson College Poll Uncovers The Truth

The topic of voter fraud is rampant in our country right now, but the term “fraud” covers a wide range of potential issues for unsuspecting voters. I-190, the ballot issue to legalize recreational marijuana, was passed by a relatively slim margin in November 2020. Understanding the ramifications to our state, Safe Montana engaged the prestigious Emerson College Polling team to uncover a true representation of the voters of Montana.

The Results Are Eye-Opening

Were Montanans basically hoodwinked by slanted information and empty promises of what legalized marijuana would mean for our state? Based on polling results, it appears this might be the case.

Over 25% of those who voted in favor of the legalization now say they would change that “yea” to a “nay” if they had known about the out-of-state dark money that was funding the proponents and their PR campaigns. Voters also stated had they known this big money funding could eventually put our small business medical marijuana dispensaries out of business, they would have voted against the legalization.

Voters also stated they would have voted against recreational legalization had they known up front about the costs to implement the program and that the promises of tax revenue being funneled to programs for veterans, seniors and conservation were without validity. They also would have changed their vote had they known the estimated tax revenue numbers were over-exaggerated. The percent of voters who said they would have voted against the ballot issue were in double digits.

The overall message that emerged from the poll was that Montanans would not have voted to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana if they had credible information as opposed to the smokescreen propaganda that New Approach Montana used to hoodwink voters.

Can We Fix This Mistake?

The out-of-state dark money funders may have won the battle, but we have the law on our side to win the war! We have the power to repeal I-190 now and to seal the deal in 2022 with a ballot referendum. Is Montana an outlier in this endeavor? Not at all. Other states who have educated themselves on the pitfalls of pot shops are arming themselves with similar plans to prevent or repeal. These are opportunities for citizens to protect their home state and their livelihood. It is their opportunity to tell out-of-state Big Marijuana entities they are not welcome here. Montanans are protectors and they are smart.

What Can I Do?

The best way to be a part of the movement to protect our state is to be aware.

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