Why Safe Montana Wants to See I-190 Repealed

We’re Not the Bad Guys

Our mission for repealing I-190 is based on preserving the safety and well-being of the citizens of Montana, especially our most vulnerable demographics. The reasons behind our mission are critical and based on common sense practices.

  • The Medical Marijuana program was working. The dispensaries are small business owners – the backbone of our economy. Commercial growers will put them out of business.
  • Safe marijuana policies should be monitored at the state level, not by big business. The drive for profits will mow over safe practices and policies.
  • We need to protect our vulnerable populations. Commercial growers do not discriminate when targeting buyers. There is a sinister reason behind making marijuana-laced edibles that look like simple gummies and other candies. For them, it is all about profits, not safe practices.
  • There is a huge cost associated with developing a legalized marijuana program. It doesn’t just happen overnight and there is a substantial outlay of money up front to set up programs long before any revenue begins to flow in.
  • The facts don’t lie. States that have legalized recreational marijuana are living proof of the pitfalls. Marijuana overdoses, upticks in traffic accidents/deaths while under the influence of marijuana, teen hospitalizations. Is the increased tax revenue worth these lives?
  • Will marijuana legalization be the “gateway drug” to the legalization of other drugs including psychedelics, opioids and highly-addictive/dangerous drugs? Are we opening a Pandora’s Box?

Voters who said “yes” to recreational legalization have said they would change to a “no” if they had ALL the pertinent facts the first time around. Out-of-state dark money funding campaigns, lies about where tax revenue would be spent, dilution of the health hazards associated with marijuana overuse – all these factors will weigh in toward a repeal. A repeal is the way to keep our state healthy and safe.

Join our fight to repeal I-190 by making your voice heard to our legislators and our Governor. Support our efforts with a donation. Our mission is to retain Montana’s status as a safe and healthy place to raise a family, a place to enjoy our pristine outdoors, a place that is not dotted with commercial pot shops on every corner.

Save Montana’s reputation as The Big Sky State!