Will You Stand Up for Montana?

Other Lawmakers are Taking Action to Keep Their States Safe

SafeMontana is not alone in its quest to keep our state safe. Lawmakers in other states are keenly aware of the dangers that develop when recreational marijuana is legalized.

South Dakota voters passed the legalization of recreational marijuana at the same time as Montana. But Governor Kristi Noem cares too much about the safety of her citizens to sit back and do nothing, so she challenged the vote and a South Dakota judge struck down the voter-approved constitutional amendment that legalized recreational marijuana.

In Idaho, Governor Brad Little vetoed a bill limiting initiative signatures gathered out-of-state.

The legalization of recreational marijuana is an issue that deserves our attention. Commercial growers are backed by out-of-state political action groups and tons of money to persuade voters that legalization is the way to go and that citizens have a right to smoke pot without fear of repercussions. But there are two sides to this story and unless the voters are well-versed in both sides, the results can be catastrophic.

If you care about the health and safety of Montana, if you care about our children and other vulnerable populations, if you want to make an informed decision about legalized recreational marijuana – do your research, look at the facts, and join our coalition of families, organizations, businesses and legislators to do what is best for the citizens of our great state. Write/call/email your government representatives and legislators. Your words have power – let them know you want to keep our state pristine and healthy. Let them know in no uncertain terms that commercial pot shops are not welcome in our state. Join our fight to repeal I-190 and be a part of the solution.